ERISA-IRS Says That Just One Multiemployer Annual Actuarial Certification Should Be Sent Per Year

Here is what the IRS says on the multiemployer annual certification:

The multiemployer plan actuary must complete an Annual Actuarial Certification of the plan’s funding status. It must be submitted to the IRS no later than 90 days after the beginning of the plan year.

We’re receiving duplicate certifications from the same plan for the same plan year. Submitting duplicate certifications to ensure we’ve received it creates administrative issues because we now have duplicate entries.

If you wish to confirm delivery, we suggest using the U.S. Postal Office’s Certified Mail service for mailed certifications and the confirmation page for faxed certifications.
You may submit your certification in one of three ways:
• Email:
• Fax: 855-215-7122
• Mail: Internal Revenue Service
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Group 7602 (TEGE:EP:EPCU)
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